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1. Who can participate in ECOMUN?
- ECOMUN is a student conference that welcomes high school and college/university students in between 16 to 25 years old.

2. Is it obligatory to have experience in MUN / MUN related conferences?
- No, any high school or college/university student with strong interest to international law/politics can apply to ECOMUN. The experience is desired although it is not obligatory.

3. How many delegates may represent a country?
- Only one delegate may represent a country in each Committee. Thus, multiple delegates may represent the same country in different Committees.

4. Is it possible to represent my own country?
- According to our representation policy, participants will not be assigned to their countries of origin. Participants studying in a foreign country may represent the country that their school is located in either, while they may not represent their countries of origin. For example, a Spanish participant studying in France may represent France but may not represent Spain.

5. What is the official language of the Conference?
- English is the only officially spoken and written language of the Conference.

6. How am I supposed to be prepared before the Conference?
- Each Committee will have Study Guides and useful topics for the delegates to get prepared for their assigned Committees. You can visit your Committee Page to see them. You will be asked to write Policy Papers which shall briefly reflect your allocated country’s position and approach to the relevant issues on the Study Guides. You shall submit your Policy Papers to your Committee Directors until the deadline given.

7. Is it obligatory to attend all sessions?
- Whilst you are required to attend all sessions in order to receive your certificate, you have the right of only one unexcused absence within the Conference week. In other words, a delegate should have the right to miss one session without providing any reason. In any other case, he/she can ask permission of the Secretariat throughout the Committee Directors.

8. What is the Dress Code policy of ECOMUN?
- ECOMUN requires both female and male delegates to be dressed in a business attire, including western suits and ties for males. Considering the average temperature in Izmir during that time of the year, the blazers/jackets are not obligatory inside sessions.

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