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About Izmir

Pearl of the Aegean


                  Izmir,the third biggest city of Turkey is placed in the western part of Turkey and Anatolia. The urban history of the city starts from approximately 3500 years before and owns many different culture from every ages. Mixture of Europe, Anatolia and Middle East makes Izmir warmer and more attractive. Also signs of every culture can be shown in the streets of Izmir.


                  Ancient name of Izmir was Smyrna and it has been used until 1930.Then with the help of Turkish Postal Service, name “Izmir” recognized internationally. Nowadays nearly 3 and a half million people living in the city. With the devastation of Ottoman Empire many immigrants chose Izmir instead of the other cities and now you can find Greek, Bosnian, Albanian, Jew, Italian, Spanish and etc. With the effect of these different cultur, Izmir is a totally unique city with different lifestyle, cuisine and tendencies.


                  Living in Izmir is always funny and enjoyable. If the city is by the sea people are always kind and willing-to-help. Also people in Izmir like resting, swimming and resting again. Sundays are eating “boyoz” in the morning(which is afternoon actually) and drinking beer by the sea until the sun goes down.


                  Language in Izmir is a little different from the other cities of Turkey. We speak Izmir Turkish which shortens the words because of laziness and uses the words that no other Turkish knows. Sometimes it is hard to understand two Smyrnian talking.


                  To sum up Izmir is a beautiful city and deserves the nickname “The pearl of Aegean”. I can really say that you will never regret this experience. So apply for ECOMUN 2016 now!

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