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United Nations Environment Programme




Agenda Item: 1. Endorsing Environmental Science within Member States

2. Preventing Illegal Trade in Wildlife

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), established by Maurice Strong as a result of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (Stockholm Conference) in June 1972, is an agency of United Nations, serving as a crucial actor on environmental issues. UNEP likewise helps developing countries in implementing environmental policies. It mainly concentrates its activities on climate change, disasters and conflicts, ecosystem management, environmental governance, environment under review, harmful substances, and resource efficiency. It mainly tackles aforementioned problems and holds the responsibility; however, talks concerning climate change are overseen by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. UNEP is a critical body which helps in emerging environmental conventions, emphasizes the importance science so it can be utilized together with policy, as well as working with national governments on implementing policies. UNEP is additionally active in funding, for instance, through the Green Climate Fund and others, the greater part of which function under the World Bank support. 


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