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Conference on Disarmament






Agenda Items: 1. Cessation of Nuclear Arms Race and Nuclear Disarmament

2. Prevention of Arms Race in Outer Space


Conference on Disarmament, although not a formal UN organization, is closely related to the UN. Secretary-General of the conference is the personal representative of the United Nations Secretary-General and the conference works closely with UN General Assembly by providing them with consultation and annual reports, thus making Conference on Disarmament(CD) as important as an official UN body. CD was established in 1979 and it currently has 65 member states. Throughout the challenging simulation of CD in ECOMUN 2017, delegates of member states will be expected to come up with creative, realistic and feasible solutions to the serious armament issues of our times.  


Under Secretary-General: Uğur Özbek – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Committee Directors: TBA 




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