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Welcome Letter

Distinguished Prospective Participants,

An exquisite feeling of immunity and pleasure besieges me as I am able to welcome you to the fifth annual gathering session of the Izmir University of Economics Model United Nations Conference namely ECOMUN. I shall indicate the determination I have regarding the ability to succeed of ECOMUN 2017 in the efforts of adapting your approaches on the animation of decision-making and innovative activities.

Evolving from this desire, our process of academic construction targets the quality in the controversy of international organizations and the pleasure in the intricate details of the diplomacy. The fast-paced and vital structure of politics and the prestigious strength of knowledge in negotiations will amount to an incomparable experience and ECOMUN 2017 will serve as a rehearsal for the MUN enthusiasts, who would like to feel themselves in reality. To facilitate the realization of this vision, we prepared our simulations on the idea of six different views of diplomacy.

It is my utmost wish that the design of ECOMUN 2017 excites and delights you as much as it drives us to excel. I would like to state that, on behalf of our Director-General Ms. Buse Bircan and Deputy Director-General Ms. Seray G├╝derel and all the members of the Teams of ECOMUN 2017, we are excitedly awaiting your arrival to Izmir Economy University on the 24th of July 2017.

Best Regards,


Secretary-General of Izmir University of Economics Model United Nations 2017

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